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At South Cape Financial Services we do not simply sell insurance, and although we also provide peace of mind, our business is really about putting a smile on your face when you have lost something that is special to you.

The agony of loss can be alleviated by the joy of swift replacement. That is why speedy and accurate processing of claims is our number one priority.

When value is replaced, you know you are covered.

Yet, getting to that point of receiving compensation for loss, is not a simple road. You need to be insured – but determining the risk for which you buy cover is a critical component of eventual peace of mind. And this aspect – determining the risk – is a job for a professional. It is not as simple as ticking a wish list and signing a debit order. Such simplistic solutions are what disasters are made of.

South Cape Financial Services invites you to discuss your current cover with them at no obligation to you, in order to determine your optimum cover at the best price available. This is the first step on the road to intelligent insurance: Making sure that the right risk is covered at the right price so that no nasty surprises wait for you when you put in a claim for damages or loss.

The fact that you have insurance, does not insure indemnity against all losses. You are only insured against the losses for which you are paying a premium.


○ Personal Insurance
○ Commercial Insurance
○ Insurance for Farmers
○ Insurance for wine farmers and cellars
○ Contractors all risks
○ Construction industry public liability
○ Hospitality Insurance
○ Marine insurance
○ Timber industry risk insurance
○ Truck insurance
○ Goods in transit insurance
○ Insurance for taxis
○ Professional indemnity insurance
○ Insurance for doctors and dentists
○ Liability insurance
○ Thatch risks insurance

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The Advisors at South Cape Financial Services have sufficient qualifications and experience required by the FSB to give personal financial advice to our clients.

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